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Got The Flu Or A Cold? Learn What To Eat Or Avoid

Got The Flu Or A Cold? Learn What To Eat Or Avoid

You’re likely to suffer at least a single cold or case of flu this coming season. The secret to feeling better quickly is not in how much you actually eat, but what you choose to eat. The proper combination of nutrients gives your body a chance to fight off flu germs, letting you get back on your feet.

In terms of a cold, symptoms are often mucus production, coughing, and fatigue. These are reactions to your body’s inflammation, which is what happens as a germ response. You can actually fight this inflammation with a good diet, helping you feel better faster. Keep reading to learn good foods for both cold and flu.


Whip up a warming porridge using instant oatmeal or traditional oats. They’re full of special fibers that your body uses to heal and strengthen the immune system.


You can add these to your oats to get the most impact. They’re full of potassium, which your body usually loses when sick.

Cracker And Toast

If your flu won’t let you stomach anything, then unsalted crackers might your only option. They are very easy for your body to digest, and they make a great starting point if you’re just starting to eat again.

Hot Water With Lemon

Drinking hot water with a bit of lemon, and perhaps a tablespoon of some honey, helps ease a sore throat and even stop coughing. Drink it right before bed to get the most impact.

Chicken Soup

This is a traditional remedy, as many use chicken broth or chicken soup to fight a cold. You can calm your cough and throat while cutting down on congestion. The liquids and warmth help your sore throats and dehydration.

Sweet Potato

There’s a lot of vitamin A in the sweet potato, which is critical for your body to produce white blood cells. Vitamin A is also helpful in maintaining the health of mucous membranes.

Fruits And Veggies With Vitamin C

Your colds don’t last as long when you get a lot of vitamin C. Many fruits and veggies have it, more so than just citrus fruit. Think about broccoli, red peppers, and strawberries. Citrus fruits are still powerful. They won’t cure your flu or cold, but they’ll lessen the length of your misery. Hummus dips with veggies can be a good source of protein that further enhances bodily functions.


Tea, in general, is a rich source of antioxidants you can use when you have a cold, since they can make the duration shorter. Hot tea also eases your sneezing and helps any sore throat.

Chamomile Or Ginger Tea

Such herbal teas help you quell your nausea and defeat inflammation throughout your body. Drinking a lot of chamomile or ginger tea helps you stay hydrated while enjoying many additional health benefits.


Kefir is a name of a fermented milk beverage that’s a robust source of advantageous probiotics. You can soothe your stomach as you get a healthy dose of beneficial bacteria.


This is a common vegetable some consider bland, but it’s actually quite powerful in fighting the symptoms of the flu. Some of its compounds help your body produce more glutathione, which is an antioxidant enhancing functions of your immune system.


Many might not think highly of mushrooms, but they’re actually quite potent in boosting immune systems. Nutrients found in mushrooms actually enhance white blood cells, which serve as the front-line defense of your immune system. Eat mushrooms to make yours stronger.


Eating some eggs provides your body a good shot of zinc. This powerful nutrient is useful in fighting colds, since it can help speed up your feeling better by shortening how long the cold lasts.


Yogurt has probiotics that are potent reducers of inflammation. Plain fat-free yogurt is a good choice, and you can use honey to make it extra sweet.

Coconut Water

This drink is very hydrating and you can use it to restore electrolyte levels after vomiting. Give it some lime juice to boost the vitamin C content.

What You Shouldn’t Eat For Flu Or Cold

Alternatively, certain foods can actually make you feel even worse if you’re suffering through a cold or have the flu. High-sugar foods are certainly one culprit, as the seriously hinder the effectiveness of your immune system. They also cause fatigue. It’s wise to stay away from fatty foods since they’re hard to digest, which upsets your stomach even further. Also, you can irritate your throat or even cause more stomach problems with spicy foods. Knowing what you should eat for a cold or the flu and sticking to it will have feeling better far faster than the wrong diet while ill or sick.

Use any or all of these foods the next time you have a cold or flu to find out what works for you. Some work for one or the other, and others work for both, but they’re all generally healthy eating even when you’re not sick.

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