Peralng Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump,1.4W Floating Solar Panel Kit Submersible Pump for Garden or Patio


Peralng Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump1.4W Floating Solar Panel Kit Submersible Pump for Garden or Patio


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?MULTI-APPLICATION?Solar fountain pumps can be used for bird baths, small ponds, garden decorations, water cycle oxygen.?ECO-FRIENDLY?Floating free fountain, no battery or electricity, is conducive to renewable energy environment.

  • ?CONVENIENCE?Water pump flexibility, no need to install the pump, placed in the water directly driven by the sun, always without turning the switch. ?LIFE FUN?Decorate your garden, pond, bird bath, rich in your outdoor life.
  • Specification
    Solar panel diameter: 16 cm (6.4 inches)
    Pump power: 7V / 0.3-0.4W
    Maximum pump flow: 150 L / H
    Maximum water spray height: 60 cm
    Life time> 10,000 hours
  • Automatic start: After a short period of sun exposure, the pump will start after 3 seconds
    Packing size: 18 * 18 * 5CM
    Package Weight: 0.25KGS
  • Tips:
    1.Before use to ensure adequate sunshine for 3-5 hours, because the solar panel power depends on the sun, the pump is also affected by weather, season, location and so on.
  • 2. When installing the fountain pump, please clean the nozzle and wait for the water to flow out, then install the nozzle. There are three kinds of nozzles, connecting different nozzles will have different water spray effect.
  • 3. Need to regularly clean the pump, because the water will be blocked junk, affecting the use of the pump.
    4. Do not let the pump dry for a long time, otherwise it will shorten the service life.
  • 5. Keep the connection waterproof. If there is some air in the pump, it is best not to connect the nozzle to the pump until the air is fully sprayed and ejected normally.


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