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The Top Eleven Reasons To Eat More Nuts

The Top Eleven Reasons To Eat More Nuts

Did you know that nuts are one of the healthiest snack foods available? Many people who are keen on eating snack food, but want to continue with a healthy diet, will turn to nuts of all sorts. In addition to being a good snack food, healthy nuts are able to boost brain power, protect one’s heart, and help the body fight cancer. So, unless your body is allergic to nuts, it would be crazy not to add these items to your daily food intake. If you remain unsure, then continue reading as this article provides the top eleven reasons to eat more nuts.

1. Nuts Help Control Weight

Studies have found that there is a strong correlation between obesity and nut consumption. Evidence indicated that people that eat nuts are less likely to experience obesity or suffer from any metabolic syndromes. While nuts do contain a certain amount of fat, they also contain high levels of fiber and protein. It is the fiber and protein that offset the fat and control the calories being consumed.

2. Nuts Help A Person Live Longer

It has been found that people who eat at least one handful of raw nuts per day are less likely to die prematurely. The simple fact is that people who eat nuts daily have a lower risk of dying than people who eat nuts, and this is how they help people live longer.

3. Nuts Help Keep The Heart Healthy

Evidence has found that eating one portion of nuts on a daily basis can decrease the risk of heart disease by one third. This is due to the fact that nuts contain fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins, all of which help the heart maintain good health.

4. Nuts Help Reduce Cholesterol

Another benefit to eating nuts is that they can reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the body. Studies have found that walnuts in particular help to lower cholesterol, which in turn can protect one’s heart in the long-term.

5. Nuts Can Assist In Fighting Cancer

It is a well-known fact that all nuts have some form of cancer-fighting abilities, with walnuts being particularly effective. One study indicated that walnuts and walnut oil are beneficial in reducing the spread of prostate cancer. Further research showed that walnuts help to slow colon cancer and can reduce the risk of breast cancer in females.

6. Nuts Can Help Improve Sleep Quality

Researchers have found that Brazil nuts are highly beneficial for improving one’s quality of sleep. This is due to the fact that Brazil nuts contain selenium and potassium, both minerals contributing to relaxation. In fact, evidence shows that when a person doubles their selenium intake they can improve their sleep quality by approximately 20%.

7. Nuts Can Boost Brain Power

It is well known that walnuts, once again, are highly beneficial to improve levels of memory and concentration. In addition to concentration and memory, walnuts can boost a person’s information-processing capabilities. This is because the nut contains omega-3 fatty acids – an acid that contributes to the health of the heart and brain.

8. Nuts Can Prevent Food Poisoning

Peanuts in particular are highly beneficial items for the digestive system. A peanut can help the stomach produce good bacteria and this will improve the body’s protection against food poisoning. However, it is important to be wary and keep to raw nuts that are unsalted. Salted nuts may be tasty but they are harmful to the heart’s health and blood pressure levels.

9. Nuts Can Prevent Diabetes

As is mentioned, nuts can help control a person’s weight and this can have additional effects, such as lowering the risk of diabetes. Walnuts in particular are good at keeping your heart healthy and reducing the chance of diabetes.

10. Nuts Can Prevent Gallstones

In addition to diabetes prevention, nuts are also able to prevent the risk of gallstones.

11. Nuts Increase One’s Libido

The final reason to eat nuts is that they increase a person’s libido. Studies have shown that almonds are effective aphrodisiacs because of their high essential fatty acid content.

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