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Tips On How To Prepare Your Lawn For Winter

Tips On How To Prepare Your Lawn For Winter

Once the autumn season is over, and you now have leaves on the ground, you need to prepare your lawn for winter. There is a lot of work that must be done, especially if you have a multitude of trees on your property. You also need to prepare the lawn itself for the long winter season, a time where grass becomes dormant. There are several strategies that you can use which will ensure when spring arrives that your grass will have the best chance of staying healthy. Here are a few tips that you can use to help prepare your lawn for winter.

Rake Your Lawn

By raking your lawn, this is going to provide two separate benefits. First of all, you are going to remove any of the leaves, and any other debris, that is currently on the grass. Second, you are going to partially aerate the soil by raking the grass at the surface level. You will be removing not only dead grass, but at the same time, digging slightly into the top layer of the dirt in which the grass is planted. However, this will not be enough to properly aerate the soil which must be done in a different way.

Aerate Your Soil

Aerating your soil is something that should be done right as fall is ending. You will still be watering at this time, and by either using a gas powered aerator that is self-propelled, or by simply using a tool that can accomplish the same task manually, you will punch holes through the soil. When you water your lawn these last few weeks, the water will get into the soil. This will add extra moisture to the soil which can be helpful when spring arrives.

Keep Mowing Your Lawn

Even though your grass is not growing very much because the cold weather causes it to become more dormant, by mowing it every couple weeks, this will allow more sunlight to reach the top of the grass. This will help diminish the possibility of the grass turning brown, and it will also prepare it for when it grows because it will be out this lower level.

Spray Fertilizer On The Soil

The reason you want to fertilize in the fall, specifically as winter approaches, is because the grass is growing much more slowly. This means that the fertilizer will deliver the necessary nutrients to the roots, something that the grass can store all winter long until spring. The moment that it warms up, and the grass naturally starts to grow again, it will have everything that it will need to grow rapidly and in a healthy manner.

By following these simple suggestions, you should be able to properly prepare your grass for when spring arrives next year. By raking the leaves, continuing to mow, aerating your soil, and adding fertilizer, you will be giving your grass the best possible chance to stay healthy during the winter months and on into spring.

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