Best Choice Products Mobile Raised Ergonomic Metal Planter Garden Bed w/Wheels, Lower Shelf, 38x16x32in, Dark Gray


  • BUILT-IN WHEELS: 2 wheels on one side and a handle bar on the other make it easy to move this garden bed from one area to another; 2-wheel composition also ensures a sturdier fixture than 4-wheel beds
  • SUFFICIENT BED SPACE: Store plenty of soil in a plant bed that stretches approxima

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  • DRAINAGE HOLES: Allows excess water to drain out, preventing root rot and oversaturation while keeping the soil fresh
  • MULTIPURPOSE STORAGE: Get the most out of your planting and storage space with a large-sized planter. Designed with a built-in storage shelf for easy-access to your gardening accessories
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLEBAR: Comes equipped with an adjustable handlebar that can attach to either the top or bottom of the planter, making it easy to maneuver according to your need
  • EASY MOBILITY: Built with a set of wheels to move the planter from place to place and capture the right amount of sun and shade as needed
  • 2 SIDE HOOKS: Hang your gardening tools on the side for quick and easy access while planting and pruning


  • Overall Dimensions (w/ hooks, wheels, and handle): 42.25″(L) x 19.5″(W) x 31.5″(H)
  • Bed: 37.5″(L) x 15.5″(W) x 8.25″(Depth)
  • Storage Shelf: 37.5″(L) x 15.5″(W)
  • Shelf Space: 14.5″(H)
  • Handle: 14.75″(L)
  • Weight: 23 lbs.


  • Material: Metal
  • Weight Capacity: 100 lbs.
  • Assembly required (with instructions)
  • BCP SKU: SKY5733

Best Choice Products Mobile Raised Metal Planter Garden Bed for Backyard w/ Wheels, Lower Shelf, 38x16x32in – Dark Gray


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