Element SoakerPRO 3/8″ x 50′ Soaker Hose


Product Highlights: The soaker hose used by professional landscapers, Save up to 70% water usage, Hose leaks at rate of 1 gallon per foot, per hour on level ground

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For an efficient, economical and eco-friendly way to water your plants, look no further than the Element Soaker Pro soaker hose by Swan. Featuring tiny holes or pores along its length, the Soaker Pro soaker hose weeps water directly to plants root systems at a rate of 0.5 gallon to 1 gallon per foot per hour on ground level. This not only reduces evaporation, but also uses up to 70 percent less water than a conventional sprinkler. To further reduce water consumption, weve added a patented blue water restrictor in the female coupling to control water pressure and flow. The Soaker Pro soaker hose is very lightweight, which makes it easy to wind around plants and set under soil or mulch. Once established, you no longer have to carry or drag a cumbersome garden hose to water your garden. In addition, your delicate flowers, foliage and vegetables are protected from the intense water pressure that comes from a traditional water hose and/or nozzle. The Soaker Pro soaker hose is made from 65 percent recycled rubber and backed by a 7-year warranty. Its also lead-free and compliant with Californias strict phthalate-content standards, so no harmful chemicals or odors are added to your water supply.

  • The soaker hose used by professional landscapers!
  • Save up to 70% water usage
  • Hose leaks at rate of 1 gallon per foot, per hour on level ground
  • Made from 65% recycled rubber


Instructions: . Before using, place the washer firmly into the coupling at the faucet end to ensure a tight seal. Soaker Hose Watering Rates. Desired Water Depth: 1/4 in., Time Required: 50 min. Desired Water Depth: 1/2 in., Time Required: 100 min. Desired Water Depth: 3/4 in., Time Required: 150 min. Desired Water Depth: 1 in., Time Required: 200 min. All figures based on low water flow of 1/2 gallon per minute per 50 feet. How to Use the Soaker Hose. 1. Place soaker hose where writing is required. Bury hose 2-6 inches id underground watering is desired. 2. Attach standard garden hose to outdoor faucet and connect other end to Soaker Hose. Do not remove flow restrictor (blue disk). 3. For best use, water supply should be at higher elevation, when possible. 4. Connecting Soaker Hoses in a series: For best results, do not exceed 150 feet. Remove end cap and replace flow restrictor (blue disk) from added hoses with regular hose washers.


Manufacturer Part Number
Swan Hose
Assembled Product Weight
2.15 lbs
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
11.00 x 2.25 x 11.00 Inches


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