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Why YOU Should Start Growing Food!

Why YOU Should Start Growing Food!

Once upon a time growing your food wasn’t trendy, cool, or something out of the usual. It wasn’t that many generations ago that this was the normal way of life. Then urbanization hit and didn’t take long for this valuable knowledge to slip away.

All in the historic blink of an eye thousands of years of agricultural tradition have been lost!

Today, most of us understand the value of fresh food. That’s why many of us are taking a 180-degree turn and heading back to our roots. If you still need some convincing to plant some seeds look no further and continue reading!

#1. It’s Easier Than You Think

I’m not going to over-romanticize this and tell you it’s easy from the start. It will take practice, effort, and most definitely some sweat but it’s not as hard as you might think.

In fact, with proper techniques and knowledge farming can take minimal amounts of work. As you improve your soil, develop your infrastructure, and continually learn you’ll have to work less and less. Eventually, harvesting becomes the most labor-intensive part of self-sufficiency!

After all, our ancestors did it before technology, the internet, or modern-day conveniences so why can’t you?

#2. Do It For Your Health

Whether you have a small garden or a self-sufficient farm, growing food will without a doubt lead to a healthier life.

Naturally grown food is more nutritionally rich. It has more vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients than industrially grown food. This not only makes you FEEL healthy and full of energy, but it gives you all the nutrients you need to fight disease and heal from physical damages.

Healthy food, like that which you grow in your garden, is also naturally medicinal. It has more antioxidants (that prevent cancer) and other medicinal compounds that prevent chronic diseases and infections.

Last but not least, industrially grown food contains carcinogenic agrochemicals that have been shown to increase the incidence of disease! These are literally POISONS that end up in our food!

#3. Guaranteed Food Security

Times are CRAZIER than ever right now. While our generations have largely lived with the luxury of cheap food, this hasn’t been the case in times of economic and social instability.

Growing your food will give you the food security to keep you and your family well-fee regardless of what’s happening in the world.

#4. Home Grown is Tastier and Exciting

No store-bought tomato can compare to the flavor of a fresh homegrown one! This applies to all fruits and vegetables! When your food comes from healthy and organically grown plants it will have a richer and more robust flavor than the industrial chemically fed ones.

Not only this, but there are thousands of varieties of crops to choose from! Dozens of types of tomatoes, onions, squash, or whatever ingredients you love. Each variety has a unique flavor, texture, and sensation that makes your gastronomic experience exciting!

#5. It Makes You HAPPY!

It’s true. Growing your food makes you a happier person!

This is why Therapy Gardens exist! Many folks have been able to help fight depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders through gardening! It’s an ancestral activity that radiates through our mind, bodies, and soul, bringing unparalleled satisfaction!

So… what are you waiting for? Start planting a seed for a better tomorrow!

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