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8 Excellent Pallet Garden Ideas For Your Backyard

8 Excellent Pallet Garden Ideas For Your Backyard

People often consider pallets as wasted timber. Once individuals or households receive their packages, they usually don’t care too much about the pallet box and it usually ends up in the fireplace or in a storage area.

The truth is that pallets are incredibly versatile and can transform literally into anything from storage areas, racks, tables, and even gardens. Pallet boxes can be used to create various new items and all you have to do is be creative and think outside the box.

Pallet gardens are an excellent idea for those with smaller yards since they allow you to create beautiful, green gardens. If you would like to create your own pallet garden, here are 8 excellent pallet garden ideas for your backyard.

1. Vertical Pallet Garden

Vertical pallet gardens are some of the most popular type. Little is changed in terms of the appearance of the pallet box since only the sides are covered to ensure that dirt stays in and does not end up scattered about. Plants are planted on the spaces between the pallet wood. Vertical pallet garden can be free standing or hang on a wall or fence.

2. Double-Sided Pallet Planter

The double-sided pallet planter is very similar to the vertical pallet garden. No assembly is required here. You can just use the pallet as-is and simply add something to its bottom to ensure that it does not topple one way or the other as you stand it on its sides. Ensure that you face the berries, herbs, flowers, and any other growing plants in both directions, because this is the point of having a double-sided pallet planter.

3. Vertical Herbal Pallet Garden

The vertical herbal pallet garden is a unique take on the vertical garden. Here, the pallets are not close to each other and the herbs have more space to grow. Instead of decorative and ornamental plants, herbs are used. Pallets make the best home for herb gardens because they don’t require too much space and can stay protected in a vertical or hanging pallet garden.

4. Pallet Greenhouse

If your plants, vegetables, or herbs require the protection of a greenhouse, but you lack the space or funds for a full-sized greenhouse, you can use pallets instead. To create a pallet greenhouse, simply deconstruct a pallet and then build a box using the boards with your required dimensions. You can use an old window for a hinged lid to allow sunlight into your greenhouse. You can even use the pallet as-is and cover the openings between the boards using thermal greenhouse film.

5. Peekaboo Pallet Garden

It is easy to create a peekaboo garden. You should start with enclosing the entire structure like a box. Then, cut out small areas where the plants and flowers will peek through. Its design creates a great back-splash and limits what it shows even though it allows plants to grow large and flourish. A peekaboo garden allows you to leave the leafy, bulky part of the plants away from view and leaves the flowered, colorful parts showing.

6. Floating Flower Garden

Instead of building a complete garden using pallets, you can try updating the yard using a floating flower garden hung on the fence. You can build planter boxes easily and cheaply to hang on the fence and paint them to blend with other elements of the garden décor and landscape and plant your herbs or flowers in the boxes. Floating flower boxes are an excellent way to maximize the use of space especially in a smaller yard.

7. Raised Pallet Garden

A raised pallet garden can be an excellent option if you don’t have the best growing environment or soil. It can even help reduce back pain related to gardening and yard work since you never have to kneel or bend over to take care of the garden. Creating a raised pallet garden using reclaimed pallets helps you save money and allow you to get creative when designing your garden.

8. Pallet Tree Box

One of the easiest ways to use pallets in your garden is to create a beautiful planter box for trees. It is quite useful especially when looking to plant small trees and worry that putting it in the ground can lead to disaster. If you grow your trees in pallet made boxes, you can ensure that they are in a healthy place with nutrient rich soil.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to redesigning a garden or yard, you have many different ways to make it unique. With some imagination and great garden ideas for pallets such as the 8 discussed here, it is possible to build a wonderland out of your yard space or garden that takes you to another dimension whenever you step outside the door.

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