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Hand Sanitizer Lotions

Hand Sanitizer Lotions

Hand sanitizer lotions are the ideal multifunctional products that keep hands both moisturized and protected from germs. Unlike most regular sanitizers whose alcohol component is more often than not drying for hands, hand sanitizer lotions contain agents and ingredients that protect the skin barrier and keep it hydrated.

This article will illustrate the benefits of hand sanitizer lotions, the popular hand sanitizer lotion products, and whether or not it is worth it to purchase hand sanitizer lotion.

What Makes Hand Sanitizer Lotions Better than Regular Hand Sanitizers?

Unlike regular hand sanitizers, hand sanitizer lotions come in a wider range of compositions. Some hand sanitizer lotions are scented, coming in fragrances or essential oils for calming effects. Other hand sanitizer lotions do not contain alcohol to eliminate the possibility of dry and chapped hands. They can contain ingredients such as shea butter that enhance the skin barrier, increasing skin health and protecting it from harmful toxins.

It is undeniable that, though both regular hand sanitizer and hand sanitizers are disinfecting agents, hand sanitizer lotions offer more hand health benefits.

What Are Some Popular Hand Sanitizer Lotion Brands?

Listed below are some examples of popular hand sanitizer lotions that will keep hands safe and smooth:

1. Avlo

Avlo’s Travel & Cruise Protective Hand Lotion offers long-lasting barrier protection against germs. It contains ingredients such as tea tree leaf extract, organic aloe, and antioxidants for rejuvenation purposes. It is also child-friendly and is specialized for use in close contact environments.

2. GermBloc

GermBloc’s hand sanitizer lotion does not contain alcohol because they believe that it can compromise hand health by making it dry and chapped. Their patented formula is designed to be non-sensitizing to the skin and to kill 99.99% of bacteria in just 15 seconds. It is also non-greasy and safe for children.

3. Thursday Plantation

Thursday Plantation’s Tea Tree Antiseptic Cream is specialized to treat inflamed and dry skin with tea tree oil, which also is also antibacterial. It does not contain parabens and gently alleviates minor skin irritations. It can also prevent infection from minor scrapes, burns, and cuts.

4. Waltz Free

Waltz Free has provides alcohol-free hand sanitizer lotions. It contains seven moisturizes, six botanical extracts, and two vitamins and is designed to be effective four times as long as alcohol-based sanitizers.

5. Dermaglove Hand Science Lotion

This product is a two-in-one pH balancing and sanitizing hand lotion. Its formula is designed to restore, balance, and repair skin with all-natural treatment by releasing minerals, vitamins, and essential oils for optimal hand health. It also is designed to act as a healing glove-like-barrier to alleviate the effects of damaged skin.

Is It Worth It To Purchase A Hand Sanitizer Lotion?

As mentioned previously, regular hand sanitizers and hand sanitizer lotions both act as antibacterial agents; however, hand sanitizer lotions provide more benefits for healthy and rejuvenated skin. The best part is that many hand sanitizer lotions are sold at reasonable prices, making it both affordable and advantageous for healthier skin.

Hand sanitizer lotions are absolutely worthwhile products that will ensure skin health and protection. Whether the product is packed with vitamins or equipped with healing and calming agents, hand sanitizer lotions are the best multifunctional products for long-lasting health effects.

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